FA5501A (5501A) SMD SOP-8

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FUJI Power Supply Control IC

Power Factor Correction

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FA5501A are control ICs for a power factor correction converter using critical conduction mode of operation. This IC uses a CMOS device with high dielectric strength (30V) to implement low power consumption. These ICs contain compensated current sense comparator for light load and open/short protection at feedback (FB) pin. Compensated current sense comparator for light load keeps output voltage constant from no-load to full-load. Open/short protection at FB pin stops output pulses when voltage divider to detect output voltage becomes fault.



  • Low current consumption by CMOS process Start-up : 20μA(max.), Operating : 1mA(typ.)
  • Drive circuit for connecting a power MOSFET directly
  • Output peak current, source : 500mA, sink : 1000mA
  • Compensated current sense comparator for light load
  • Open/short protection at feedback (FB) pin
  • Undervoltage Lockout 13V ON / 9V OFF
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Restart timer
  • Package: SOP-8
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